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About Me

Nadia Cross



My name is Nadia and I grew up in Southern Africa, where I studied art and architecture. From a young age, I felt a very strong connection with my natural surroundings and made a plan to become an architect designing game lodges in the African wilderness. Life went a little differently, though, as it often does! I did qualify as an architect in Cape Town, but moved to London “to get a year of valuable international experience”, and ended up staying for 15! I became an award-winning architect, involved in projects spanning various sectors, including the prestigious Royal Galleries at Buckingham Palace and St. John’s College, Oxford.


I always kept my artistic roots alive, but Zone 4 of London didn’t provide quite the same inspiration as Southern Africa for me! 

A move to Utah in 2017 changed that dynamic and rekindled my great love affair with the natural world. I started to explore the vast and varied landscapes, flora, and fauna in southwestern United States, and was immediately infatuated. Following a desire to fill a creative void within, and to share miracles of nature, I began producing a collection of fresh artistic pieces. Each of my series is an exploration in a certain style and color schematic, ranging from realistic soft pastels to brighter abstracts in acrylics.


I hope you’ll check back regularly as I progress on this incredibly fulfilling, creative expedition!

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